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"You earn your trophies at practice.  

           You pick them up at competition."

When recreational gymnastics just isn't enough, take the next big step to "team".
Longer training sessions.
More time on the apparatus.
Put all of that hard work to the test at competitions.
As we work to help your child fulfill her gymnastics potential, we will also strive to instill character traits that will stick with her throughout her life: hard work, perseverance, patience, confidence, self-discipline, and sportsmanship.

This is where is all begins.
Girls in this program will work on getting their bodies ready for the demands of competitive gymnastics.  They will work on becoming stronger and more flexible, as well as, proper technique for fundamental skills.  

Developmental Program 
Competition Team

A small but powerful team.
Ranging in age from 6 to 18, these girls put in some serious hours in the gym.  They're perfecting their technique and putting it in to practice.  And they're having fun doing it!
They begin at the compulsory levels, traveling throughout the state; and progress to the optional levels, traveling throughout the country!

Competition Team

The Xcel Team is for girls that have progressed past our Beginning & Intermediate Gym Kids  levels and want to put their skills to the test. 
Our NEW Copper Level and Bronze Level
will compete 5 in-house competitions each year while improving their skills.
Once achieving the Silver Level, gymnasts travel to both in state and out of state to competitions. This team has a more flexible practice schedule, great for  many of our gymnasts  who also wish to participate in other sports.

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