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BGK1 Curriculum
Bars, Beams, and Trampolines
IVGA has it all!

Our School-Age Recreational Gymnastics Program
is for kids 6-18yrs

Every class experiences all four Olympic events:
vault, bars, beam, tumbling, and trampoline just for fun! 
Gymnasts begin by being exposed to the basics of gymnastics, from there they build a strong foundation of skills, which help them to progress to higher level gymnastics.

For safety reasons, gymnastics instruction is skill based, not age based. Students must master at least 80% of the curriculum before moving on to the next level. In our experience, it takes approximately 6-18 months to master each level.

If you are unsure of which level to register, please contact our front desk for a recommendation or to schedule an in-person evaluation.
Beginning Gym Kids I (BGK1)  85 minute class


From forward rolls to cartwheels, front supports to casts, this beginning class is the perfect place to start. 


BGK1 Curriculum Highlights:

Vault: hurdle, straight jump to 16" mat

Bars: front support, cast, forward roll dismount

Beam:  fwd/side/bwd walks & kicks, straight jump, straight jump dismount

Tumbling: forward roll, handstand 3/4, cartwheel

Beginning Gym Kids II (BGK2)  85 minute class


For those that have mastered the skills in BGKI, BGK2 is the next step. In this level, we still focus on basic gymnastics skills and progressions, but the difficulty level will increase.



Mastery of BGK1 curriculum

BGK2 Curriculum Highlights:

Vault: straight jump to 32" mat, forward roll onto vault mat

Bars: walk up the wall pullover, cast away dismount

Beam:  mount, tuck jump, tuck jump dismount

Tumbling: handstand, backward roll, bridge kickover on incline mat, hurdle cartwheel

Intermediate Gym Kids I (IGK1)  85 minute class


This class is for gymnasts that have graduated from our Beginning GymKids program and are ready to take the next step in their gymnastics career! 



Mastery of BGK2 curriculum

IGK1 Curriculum Highlights:

Vault: handstand fall flat on 16" mat, dive roll onto vault mat

Bars: 1 foot pullover, leg cut forward & backward, jump shoot through

Beam:  donkey kick, leap, straddle jump dismount

Tumbling: handstand forward roll, handstand bridge kickover, round off

Intermediate Gym Kids II (IGK2)  85 minute class


This gymnast has come a long way! They've mastered IGK1, and they're ready to keep learning!



Mastery of IGK1 curriculum

Curriculum highlights:

Vault: handstand fall flat on 32" mat, straight jump onto vault table

Bars: pullover, back hip circle, cast shoot through

Beam:  handstand 3/4 and cartwheel on floor beam, jumps, leap, round off dismount

Tumbling: back bend kickover, backward roll to push up, round off rebound

Advanced Gym Kids  85 minute class


Providing a challenge for those that have progressed beyond the intermediate level, our AGK will continue to push your gymnast to keep learning.


Mastery of IGK2 curriculum

Curriculum highlights:

Vault: from handstand fall flat with vault table/stack mat, to front handspring and beyond

Bars:  from mill circles to squat ons and beyond

Beam:  from handstands to cartwheels, back walkovers, and more

Tumbling: from back walkovers, to back handsprings, back tucks, and beyond

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