Me & My Shadow  
18 months - 3 yrs

45 minute class

Me & My Shadow is the perfect Parent and Child class! This class provides you with a great, safe environment for your toddler to explore and grow. Your child will meet new friends. The parents have a great time and make new friends too! 

Classes present a variety of skills using age-appropriate (and size appropriate!) equipment. The focus is on learning gross motor skills through gymnastics. Lots of FUN included!

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Tiny Tumblers I & II​   (3 year olds)

55 minute class

When your little one is ready to go it alone, they're ready for Tiny Tumblers. Your little tumbler will learn basic gymnastics skills through the use of obstacle courses and stations on age (and height!) appropriate equipment.

Mini Gym Kids I & II   (4-5 year olds)

55 minute class

Same as our Tiny Tumblers class, but for 4 and 5 year olds.

KinderGym Kids I & II   (5-6 year olds)

55 minute class

Our transition class between preschool and the "big gym".  Same age peers enjoy a combination of Preschool skills and  Beginning Gym Kids skills on "big kid" equipment with a lower instructor to student ratio.

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Gymnasts 6yrs & up
90 minute classes
Beginning Gym Kids I & II

From forward rolls to cartwheels, front supports to casts, this beginning class is the perfect place to start. 

Intermediate Gym Kids I & II

Round offs to backbend kickovers, pullovers, and back hip circles. A perfect continuation for those that have mastered our Beginning Gym Kids curriculum!

Advanced Gym Kids I, II, & III

Providing a challenge for those that have progressed beyond the intermediate level, our AGK I & II will take your gymnast from back walkovers to back handsprings, shoot throughs to kips, handspring vaults, and beyond. 


60 minute class

From cartwheels to backhandsprings, back tucks, and twisting, we train it all. With a focus on strength, power, proper technique and progressions, our instructors will not only help you achieve your goal but do it safely.

Strength & Conditioning

60 minute class

Gymnastics is a unique sport that requires one to be both strong and flexible.  Did you know a gymnast needs good shoulder flexibility for a back walkover?  Leg power for a back handspring? Core strength for a kip?  Not to mention, uneven bars is all about upper body strength. 


Want to get in shape for baseball or football? Pitchers need leg power, yet hamstring flexibility; arm strength and shoulder flexibility. Runners need to build leg muscle in order to run faster. Did you know plantar fasciitis can be alleviated by stretching the tendons of the foot and the calf muscle?

In Strength & Conditioning  we will work on cardio, core, arm, and leg muscle and flexibility.  We'll do sit ups and pull ups, rope climbs and lunges. We also know how to make fitness fun, so we will have a few challenges and games thrown in to keep it interesting!


Goals will be made, and we’ll help you get there!

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Bar Boot Camp

60 minute class


Are missing bar skills keeping you from moving up to the next level?


This class is designed to improve upper body and core strength needed to master important bar skills such as the pullover and back hip circle.


Through conditioning, as well as hands on spotting & shaping with a coach, gymnasts will have an enjoyable experience hanging, shimmying, and swinging their way to achieve those Beginner or Intermediate Bar Skills!