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 Welcome to Tumbling
for kids 5-18yrs

From forward rolls, to cartwheels, to back handsprings and twisting, IVGA has it all!  Tumblers begin by being exposed to the basics of tumbling, from there they build a strong foundation of skills, which help them to progress to higher level tumbling. But most importantly, we have the equipment to do it safely!

For safety reasons, tumbling instruction is skill based, not age based. Students must master at least 80% of the curriculum before moving on to the next level. In our experience, it takes approximately 6-18 months to master each level.

If you are unsure of which level to register, please contact our front desk for a recommendation or to schedule an in-person evaluation.
Beginner Tumbling  60 minute class

No experience required! This is where it all begins.

Curriculum Highlights: forward / backward rolls, handstand, cartwheel, back bend

Bridge color.png
Intermediate Tumbling  60 minute class

Prerequisite: Mastery of Beginner Tumbling curriculum

Curriculum Highlights: back walkover, front walkover, round off, back handspring

Advanced Tumbling  60 minute class

Prerequisite: Mastery of Intermediate Tumbling curriculum

Curriculum Highlights: round off back handspring, back tuck, front tuck, aerial cartwheel, front aerial, and beyond!

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